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Grade 10 Revision

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MCQ Fundamentals

1. Which is not a unguided media?
i) Fiber Optic ii) Microwave iii) Infrared iv) Radio wave
2. Which is the internet service?
i) IRC ii) Telnet iii) E-mail iv) All of above
3. Which is not related to multimedia?
i) Printer ii) Sound Card iii) Microphone iv) CD-ROM
4. Which virus infects boot sector files?
i) Macro virus ii) Multi partite virus iii) Boot sector virus iv) Program virus
5. Which of the following is not a guided data communication media?
i) Coaxial cable ii) Fiber optic iii) Twisted pair iv) Satellite
6. Process of arranging the scattered parts of the file into a contiguous manner.
i) Backup ii) Defragmentation iii) Debugging iv) All of the above
7. Which of the following is remote login service?
i) Video conference ii) Telnet iii) FTP iv) All of the above
8. Which of the following is an anti-virus program?
i) NAV ii) Windows iii) Photoshop iv) All of the above
9. Which of the following is not a protocol?
i) POP ii) TCP/IP iii) NOS iv) FTP
10. Which device protects hardware?
i) UPS ii) MODEM iii) Gateway iv) All of the above
11. In which communication media data transfer is high?
i) Twisted pair ii) Co-axial cable iii) Fiber optics iv) Microwave
12. Which computer virus that damages the master boot record?
i) Macro virus ii) File virus iii) New folder virus iv) Boot sector virus
13. E-commerce is ___________
i) a type of business ii) a type of virus iii) both i) and ii) iv) None of the above
14. Email is a/an __________
i) organization which controls internet ii) protocol to access internet iii) service of internet iv) None
15. Which one is not a type of virus?
i) message carrying virus ii) boot sector virus iii) system infector iv) special purpose application infector
16. Which one is an example of bounded media?
i) fiber optic ii) microwave transmission iii) laser transmission iv) infrared transmission
17. Which is not a communication media?
i) Wire ii) Microwave iii) Satellite iv) NIC
18. Which is a web browser software?
i) Windows 2007 ii) Internet Explorer iii) Windows NT iv) All of the above
19. In which topology network devices are connected through hub?
i) Ring ii) Bus iii) Star iv) None of above
20. Which is not related to internet?
i) ISP ii) TCP/IP iii) WWW iv) UPS
21. Which is not a guided media?
i) UTP cable ii) STP cable iii) Satellite iv) Fiber optic
22. Which device is necessary to operate internet?
i) CD-ROM ii) ISP iii) Modem iv) All of the above
23. Modem converts
i) Sound into digital ii) Digital signal into sound iii) Both i) and ii) iv) None of above
24. Which is not an Internet service?
i) E-mail ii) E-telephone iii) E-fax iv) E-commerce
25. Which one is not a network topology?
i) Star ii) Ring iii) Client Server iv) Bus
26. When was cyber law introduced in Nepal?
i) 2061 B.S. ii) 2062 B.S. iii) 2007 B.S. iv) 2016 B.S.
27. Multimedia technology is used in ___________
i) Education ii) Business iii) Health care iv) All of the above
28. Which is the protocol?
i) STP ii) CSMA iii) SMTP iv) BAUD
29. Which refers to the communication media?
i) UTP cable ii) Fiber optic cable iii) Satellite iv) All of the above
30. Which is the correct E-mail ID?
i) Yahoo@ramesh ii) Ramesh@Yahoo.com iii) @ramesh.yahoo.com iv) None
31. Route of virus transmission
i) Pen drive ii) Microphone iii) Printer iv) Mouse
32. Main components of multimedia is
i) Floppy disk ii) Floppy drive iii) Sound card iv) Magnetic tape
33. The design of the network is called the network ___________
i) Architecture ii) Server iii) Transmission iv) Type
34. Which of the following is the internet service?
i) Chat ii) FAQ iii) Email iv) All of the above
35. An important counter measure against data corruption or loss
i) Password policy ii) Defragmentation iii) Scan disk iv) Backup system
36. Malicious software is known as
i) Badware ii) Malware iii) Legalware iv) None
37. Example of anti-virus software is ________
i) NAV ii) McAfee iii) CPAV iv) All
38. Multimedia technology is very effective in _____________
i) Market ii) Classroom iii) War iv) None
39. Common computer security is ___________
i) Hardware ii) Software iii) Both i) and ii) iv) None
40. WWW is a __________
i) protocol of the internet ii) Service of internet iii) Language of internet iv) None
41. _________ is method of making data transmitted over the network readable only by the receiver.
i) Hacking ii) Encryption iii) Code iv) None of above
42. _________ is the generic term used to refer all the legal and regulatory aspects of internet.
i) Cyber ethics ii) Cyber law iii) Cyberspace iv) Both i) and ii)
43. ________ is the amount of memory needed to store four bits.
i) KB ii) Nibble iii) Byte iv) Word
44. __________ is a dedicated server responsible for storing and forwarding electronic mails.
i) Print server ii) Database server iii) Mail server iv) Client server
45. A self sufficient computer that acts as both a server and client.
i) Server ii) Peer iii) Host iv) None of above
46. A network topology in which network nodes are connected in a continuous circle.
i) Bus topology ii) Star topology iii) Ring topology iv) None of above
47. The binary number 1100 1011 has ________ bytes.
i) 1 ii) 2 iii) 3 iv) 4
48. Permanent unidirectional communication link is
i) simplex ii) duplex iii) half duplex iv) full duplex
49. A distributed network configuration in which all data/information pass through a central computer is
i) bus network ii) ring network iii) star network iv) point-to-point network
50. The most flexibility in how devices are wired together is provided by
i) bus networks ii) star networks iii) ring networks iv) T-switched networks
51. The communication mode that supports two-way traffic but only one direction at a time is
i) simplex ii) half duplex iii) duplex iv) multiplex
52. A central Computer surrounded by one or more satellite computers is called a
i) bus network ii) ring network iii) star network iv) all of the above
53. Computer Network is
i) Collection of hardware components and computers ii) Interconnected by communication channels
iii) Sharing of resources and information iv) All of the Above
54. What is a Firewall in Computer Network?
i) The physical boundary of Network ii) An operating System of Computer Network
iii) A system designed to prevent unauthorized access iv) A web browsing Software
55. DNS is the abbreviation of
i) Dynamic Name System ii) Dynamic Network System
iii) Domain Name System iv) Domain Network Service
56. What is the meaning of Bandwidth in Network?
i) Transmission capacity of a communication channels ii) Connected Computers in the Network
iii) Class of IP used in Network iv) None of Above
57. ADSL is the abbreviation of
i) Asymmetric Dual Subscriber Line ii) Asymmetric Digital System Line
iii) Asymmetric Dual System Line iv) Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
58. To connect two networks of similar systems you’ll use a
i) Bridge ii) Gateway iii) Router iv) Any of above
59. What is the use of Bridge in Network?
i) to connect LANs ii) to separate LANs iii) to control Network Speed iv) All of the above

60. Which of the following performs modulation and demodulation?
i) fiber optics ii) satellite iii) coaxial cable iv) modem
61. The process of converting analog signals into digital signals so they can be processed by a receiving computer is referred to as:
i) modulation ii) demodulation iii) synchronizing iv) digitizing
62. Which of the following is considered a broad band communication channel?
i) coaxial cable ii) fiber optics cable iii) microwave circuits iv) all of above
63. Which of the following is not a transmission medium?
i) telephone lines ii) coaxial cables iii) modem iv) microwave systems
64. Which of the following is an advantage to using fiber optics data transmission?
i) resistance to theft ii) fast data transmission rate iii) low noise level iv) all of above
65. Which of the following is required to communicate between two computers?
i) communications software ii) protocol iii) communication hardware
iv) all of above including access to transmission medium
66. A communications device that combines transmissions from several I/O devices into one line is a
i) concentrator ii) modifier iii) multiplexer iv) full-duplex line
67. UTP cable has ___ pair of wires in it.
i) 3 ii) 4 iii) 5 iv) 6
68. Which of the following might not be present in a computer network?
i) NIC ii) Switch iii) MODEM iv) NOS
69. A computer circuit board installed in a computer so that it can be connected to a network
i) NIC ii) Switch iii) RJ45 iv) Hub
70. A NIC card can be used for
i) FDDI ii) Ethernet iii) Microwave iv) WiFi
71. Which of the following is unbound transmission media?
i) UTP ii) Co-axial iii) Microwave iv) Fiber Optics
72. Which protocol is used to transfer web pages?
i) TCP/IP ii) SMTP iii) POP3 iv) HTTP
73. Which protocol is used to send email?
i) SMTP ii) POP iii) HTTP iv) FTP
74. ____ protocol is built into most popular e-mail products such as Eudora and Outlook Express.
i) SMTP ii) POP iii) HTTP iv) FTP
75. A server computer that is configured to serve file transfer and storage, data migration, file updates synchronization is
i) FTP Server ii) Database Server iii) File Server iv) None of above
76. Print Server does not perform
i) Accept print job request ii) Interpret print job formats
iii) Manage printer queues iv) Automatically install and configure printers
77. Which of the following is not basic network topology?
i) Bus ii) Ring iii) Star iv) Mesh
78. A network model where a host computer is connected to other computers to provide data or computing services via network is
i) Centralized Network ii) Client / Server Network iii) Peer-to-peer Network iv) None of above
79. A software program that controls other software and hardware that runs on a network
i) NIC ii) NOS iii) POP iv) TCP/IP
80. A network model where some computers provide services like file, print, message, database, application services and other computers consume those services is
i) Centralized Networking ii) Client / Server Networking iii) Peer-to-Peer Networking iv) All of above
81. A network model where there is no server computer is
i) Centralized Network ii) Client / Server Network iii) Peer-to-Peer Network iv) All of above
82. The network model is sometimes called workgroup is
i) Centralized Network ii) Client / Server Network iii) Peer-to-Peer Network iv) All of above
83. Which of the following network covers the largest geographical area?
i) PAN ii) LAN iii) MAN iv) WAN
83. ___ is the medium sized network
i) PAN ii) LAN iii) MAN iv) WOMAN
84. Cable TV networks are good example of
i) PAN ii) LAN iii) MAN iv) WAN
85. ___ describes how each computers or network devices are connected with each other to form a network
i) Protocol ii) Physical Topology iii) Logical Topology iv) Network Model
86. Which of the following is not affected by electric or magnetic field interference?
i) UTP ii) STP iii) Co-axial iv) Fiber Optics
87. ___ is least affected by EMI
i) UTP ii) STP iii) Co-axial iv) None of above

88. A cable where 4 pair of wires are bundled is
i) UTP/STP ii) Co-Axial iii) Fiber Optics iv) All of above
89. A cable where there is a central conductor surrounded by fiber of wires is
i) Twisted Pair Cable ii) Co-axial Cable iii) Fiber Optics Cable iv) None of above
90. In __ cable photons flow rather than electrons
i) UTP/STP ii) Co-Axial iii) Fiber Optics iv) None of above
91. The protective cover of cables is called
i) Jacket ii) Coat iii) Pant iv) Paint
92. __ cable consists of a glass or plastic tube covered by cladding and protective coating is
i) UTP/STP ii) Co-Axial iii) Fiber Optics iv) None of above
93. Radio wave, microwave, infrared are examples of
i) Guided transmission media ii) Bounded transmission media
iii) Unguided transmission media iv) All of above
94. In __ transmission media the data is carried by pulses of light
i) Radio wave ii) Micro wave iii) Infrared iv) None of above
95. A network computer that shares resources with and responds to requests from other computer is known as
i) client ii) server iii) terminal iv) key
96. A network computer that utilizes the resources of other network computers is known as a
i) server ii) host computer iii) client iv) media
97. A group of computers connected together to communicate and share resources is known as
i) A computer network ii) A server iii) A client iv) Authentication
98. In order to work with multimedia, a personal computer typically requires the following hardware components
i) powerful microprocessor ii) large main memory iii) large storage devices iv) All of above
99. A self-sufficient computer that acts as both a server and a client is known as
i) Host ii) Client iii) Server iv) Peer
100. A powerful, centralized computer system that performs data storage and processing tasks on behalf of clients and other
network devices is known as a
i) Client ii) Host computer iii) terminal iv) network
101. A form of wireless transmission in which signals are sent via pulses of infrared light
i) radio networking ii) infrared transmission iii) microwave transmission iv) none of above
102. Which of the following is responsible for approving standards and allocating resources in the Internet?
i) Internet Architecture Board (IAB) ii) Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)
iii) InterNIC iv) None of above
103. Which body in Internet provides the registration services to Internet community?
i) Internet Architecture Board (IAB) ii) Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)
iii) InterNIC iv) None of above
104. Who is responsible for discussing and investigating the operational and technical problems of Internet?
i) Internet Architecture Board (IAB) ii) Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)
iii) InterNIC iv) None of above
105. Which of the following is not a network protocol?
i) TCP/IP ii) HTTP iii) FTP iv) UTP
106. Who owns and governs the Internet?
i) IAB ii) IETF iii) InterNIC iv) None of above
107. Which network at first allowed universities and research agencies to connect with it?
i) ARPAnet ii) DARPAnet iii) NSFnet iv) All of above
108. A company which gives us the facility to gain access to the Internet against a fee?
i) TCP ii) ISP iii) IAB iv) IEFT
109. Which of the following type of connection you require a modem?
i) Dial up connection ii) Broadband connection iii) WiFi connection iv) WiMAX connection
110. ___ technology uses radio for communication, typically operate at frequency of 2.4 GHZ
i) Dial up connection ii) Broadband connection iii) WiFi connection iv) WiMAX connection
111. Which of the following is an Internet service?
i) Email ii) WWW iii) IRC iv) All of above
112. Which of the following is not email service?
i) Hotmail ii) Gmail iii) Yahoo iv) None of above
113. Which of the following application is required to read your email in Hotmail?
i) computer with browser and internet connection ii) Outlook Express or Microsoft Outlook
iii) Eudora Pro iv) All of above
114. Tim Berners Lee is credited for the creation of
i) Web email system ii) world wide web iii) File Transfer Protocol iv) All of above

115. A software that enables to display and interact with text, image, sound and other information located on a web page of a web
site on WWW.
i) Web browser ii) Web server iii) Cute FTP iv) None of above
116. A web document or resource of information that is suitable for the www and can be accessed through web browser is
i) Uniform Resource Locator ii) Web Site iii) Web Page iv) Hypertext
117. A powerful internet technology to convert domain name into IP addresses
i) URL ii) FTP iii) DNS iv) URI
118. The internet was developed by US
i) Department of Defense ii) Department of Electronics iii) Department of Commerce
iv) None of above
119. A user can get files from another computer by using
i) File Transfer Protocol ii) TCP/IP iii) Internet Protocol iv) None of above
120. A private network within an organization that provides services like email, newsgroups, FTP, hypertext etc.
i) Internet ii) Intranet iii) Extranet iv) None of above
121. Website is a collection of
i) HTML documents ii) Graphics file iii) audio and video files iv) All of above
122. Each web page has its own unique address known as
i) Uniform Resource Locator ii) Universal Resource Location iii) Uniform Resource Location
iv) Universal Resource Locator
123. A - - - - - - -is an agreed-upon format for transmitting data between two devices.
i) proctology ii) protoplasm iii) prototype iv) protocol
124. An arrangement where user accounts, are centralized on a -server and PCs gain access to network resources by accessing this server is called a ----------------
i)peer to peer network ii)server to server network iii) client-server network
iv) file server network
125. Which of the following is not related with computer hardware security?
i) Insurance ii) UPS iii) Password lock iv) Room lock
126. Which is not the internet service?
i) Electronic Mail. ii) FTP iii) Internet Browser iv) FAQ
127. Data transfer rate for LAN is normally:
i) 1 -100 Mbps ii) 1 -2 Mbps iii) I — 10 Mbps iv) None of the above
128. What is the name given to the computer which send HTML and other files to user's PCs ?
i) PC ii) Network iii) Work station iv) Web server
129. Which of the following is not the device necessary to make a multimedia ----------
i) Sound Card ii) Microphone iii) UPS iv) Speaker
130.Nepal information Technology Policy was introduced in:
i)2061 BS ii)2057 BS iii)2063 BS iv)2047 BS
131. Which medium is not affected by electromagnetic interference?
i) Microwave ii) Optical fibre cable iii) Coaxial cable iv) STP cable
132. An ISP
i)Hardware supplier ii)Software company iii)Provides printing service iv)Provides Internet access
133. Virus which infects application programs.
i)Boot Sector virus ii)Start-up infector virus iii)Application infector virus iv)System infector virus
134. Internet service which is used to send message from one user to another user.
i)WWW ii)FTP iii)Browser iv)E-mail
135. Provides compensation for hardware loss due to incidents like fire, theft, etc.
i)UPS ii)Insurance iii)Backup iv)Password
136. MODEM converts signals:
i)Digital to analog ii)Analog to digital iii)Both i) and ii) iv)None of the above.
137. It allows user to make communication with each other in real time.
i) Browsing ii) Chat iii) E-mail iv) None of them.
138. Which is not the data transmission mode?
i) Half simplex ii) Half duplex iii) Simplex iv) Full duplex
139. An example of anti-virus is -------------
i) PC-tool ii) McAfee iii) Smart editor iv) Joshi virus tool
140. Main component of multi-media
i) Floppy disk ii) Floppy drive iii) Sound card iv) Magnetic tape
141. Scan disk is performed by
i) application software ii) utility software iii) operating system iv) None
142. Cyber law refers to the laws regarding the
i)Hardware and software ii)Computer System iii)Internet and cyberspace iv) Computer programmer

143. Which is not computer virus?
i)Boot sector virus ii)File virus iii)Micro virus iv)Macro virus
144. Network with a city which is control by single organization
i)Wide Area Network ii)Local Area Network iii)Metropolitan Area Network iv)Campus Area Network
145. Which of the following network device is used to connect different networks?
i) Hub ii)Switch iii) Router iv) None of above
146. A ___ acts as a security buffer between a company's private network and all extern
i) Firewall ii) Password iii) Disaster Recovery Plan iv) Virus Checker
147. Which of the following protocol is used to receive email?
i) SMTP ii) POP3 iii) TCP/IP iv) None of the above
148. Your company has a LAN in its main office and has now set up a LAN in the manufacturing plant in the sub office. To
enable everyone to share data and resources between the two LANs, what type of device(s) are needed to connect them?
Choose the most correct answer.
i) Modem ii) Cable iii) Hub iv) Router
149. Internet-like networks within an enterprise is called
i) Intranets ii) Switching alternating iii) Inter organizational networks iv) Extranets
150. TB equals to
i) 2^20 MB ii) 2^20 KB iii) 2^20 GB iv) 2^30 MB
151. EBCDIC stands for
i) Extended Bit Code Decimal Interchange Code ii) Extended Bit Character Decimal Interchange Code
iii) Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code iv) Extended Bit Case Decimal Interchange Code
152. The Octal Equivalent of 110110 is:
i) 65 ii) 67 iii) 76 iv) None of above
153. The www is the brainchild of:
i) Tim Berners Lee ii) E.F. Codd iii) Bill Gates iv) Charles Babbage
154. A protocol is
i) Interconnection pattern of computers ii) Set of rules for communication
iii) A device for internet iv) An operating system
155. 1 KB is equal to:
i) 100 bytes ii) 1000 bytes iii) 1024 bytes iv) 1048 bytes
156. Which of the following is used to connect two LANs using same LAN protocols?
i) Routers ii) Connectors iii) Gateways iv) None of the above
157. Which of the following is/are not related with multi-media computer?
i) Graphics card ii) Sound card iii) LAN card iv) Display card
158. In which network, all the computers have equal access?
i) Peer to Peer ii) Client/Server iii) LAN iv) All
159. Which is the transmission medium?
i) Satellite ii) Radio wave iii) Infrared iv) All
160. Which software is used for net surfing?
i) Mozilla Firefox ii) Word iii) DVD player iv) Explorer
161. Which is the connector of twisted pair cable?
i) ST ii) RJ45 iii) BNC iv) None
162. Which is not the protocol?
i) RARP ii) ARP iii) HTTP iv) DAP
163. Choose the odd one.
i) Adobe flash ii) Adobe premier iii) Maya iv) Microsoft word
164. Which is not the network connector?
i) RJ45 ii) ST iii) BNC iv) PBX
165. Choose the odd one.
i) Backup ii) UPS iii) Scandisk iv) Password
166. Device that connects networks with different protocols.
i) NIC ii) Hub iii) Switch iv) Gateway
167. Visual communication between two different computers.
i) Virtual reality ii) Touch Screen iii) Animation iv) Video Conference
168. Computers connected within an organization, which is controlled by single organization
i) WAN ii) MAN iii) LAN iv) None of them
169. Which of the following is not cyber ethics?
i) Should not use computer to harm other people ii) Should not use computer to steal
iii) Should destroy data of other people iv) All of the above
170. A network model that has no dedicated server
i) LAN ii) Client Server iii) Peer to Peer iv) MAN

171. Copyright Act (International Cyber Law) has been introduced in …………
i) 1970 AD ii) 2002 AD iii) 1992 AD iv) 1994 AD
172. _______ is a network operating system.
i) Novel Netware ii) Win 95 iii) MS DOS iv) None
173. Wlink, NTC, MOS are ______ of our country
i) Top domain name ii) ISPs iii) Protocols iv) None
174. Component of multimedia
i) Text, Audio-visual & Animation ii) Text, Graphics & Animation
iii) Text, Graphics & Sound iv) Text, Graphics, Audio-Visual & Animation
175. Which is not a network OS?
i) Windows NT ii) GNU/Linux iii) MS-DOS iv) UNIX
176. Data communication means
i) We can easily send and receive message ii) Data computing system is fastest in network
iii) The process of transferring data and information iv) None of above
177. Computer security means
i) Use of password ii) Use of genuine software iii) Use of hard lock key iv) All of above
178. Virus has its bad impact on ___________
i) Monitor ii) Mouse iii) Keyboard iv) Hard disk
179. _______ is a multimedia software.
i) ROM ii) Sound card iii) Windows Media Player iv) All
180. Each node is connected to two adjacent nodes in ___________ topology.
i) Ring ii) Star iii) Bus iv) Mesh
181. Cyberspace means ___________
i) Sky ii) Cyber café iii) WWW iv) None
182. A network topology in which network nodes are connected in a continuous circle.
i) Bus topology ii) Ring topology iii) Star topology iv) None of them
183. _________ are some of the methods of hardware protection.
i) Alarms ii) Closed-Circuit television iii) Security lighting iv) All
184. An online interactive communication mechanism that lets people to make real time discussion with one or more people
through the internet.
i) Frequently Asked Questions ii) E-Mail iii) Telnet iv) Web chat
185. Device used to connect same network.
i) NIC ii) Gateway iii) Fiber Optic iv) Infrared transmission
186. A device that protect your PC against surges and spikes.
i) USP ii) Voltage regulator iii) Surge Suppressor iv) None of them
187. The temperature in the computer system should be maintained between__________
i) 21oC to 24 oC ii) 22 oC to 25 oC iii) 23 oC to 26 oC iv) None
188. A network of computers spread over a city or town located in the same geographical area.
i) LAN ii) WAN iii) MAN iv) PAN
189. Opera and Firefox is a/an
i) Web browser ii) Search engine iii) Chat program iv) None
190. Stoned and Michelangelo are the examples of
i) Boot sector virus ii) polymorphic virus iii) File infector virus iv) Script virus
191. Which of the following includes data diddling?
i) Cyber crime ii) Computer security iii) Virus iv) Multimedia
192. A computerized mail service that answers telephone calls and records audio messages.
i) E-mail ii) Voice mail iii) E-fax iv) Telnet
193. Which of the following is an audio input device?
i) Head phone ii) Loudspeaker iii) Microphone iv) Home theatre
194. The moving graphic image is called _______
i) Animation ii) Graphic iii) Multimedia iv) Cartoons
195. Generally, the internet connection is done using a normal telephone line, which is called __________ connection.
i) ISDN ii) Dial up iii) Satellite iv) Cable
196. _______ is one of the example of multimedia software
i) Windows XP ii) Oracle iii) Opera iv) Flash
197. Which is not a web browser software?
i) Firefox ii) Internet Explorer iii) Opera iv) Ms Word 2007
198. Computer virus is a type of _________ program
i) System ii) Packaged iii) Operating system iv) Destructive
199. Bandwidth is measured in ________
i) KBPS ii) KPS iii) BPS iv) None of them

200. A device used to connect computer into LAN is
i) NIC ii) Repeater iii) Node iv) Terminal
201. The data signals can be divided into two forms
i) analog and digital ii) on and yes iii) off and false iv) None
202. Which is the example of NOS?
i) MS-DOS ii) MS-Access iii) Windows NT iv) Oracle
203. ________ is a network device connecting each computer to the hub.
i) NIC ii) HUB iii) Bridge iv) Gateway
204. An intelligent device that connects two different networks.
i) Router ii) Gateway iii) Hub iv) Repeater
205. Physical layout of computer.
i) Network ii) LAN iii) Topology iv) MAN
206. Which of the following is protocol?
i) TCP/IP ii) FTP iii) HTTP iv) All of above
207. A networking device with multiple ports.
i) HUB ii) MAN iii) LAN iv) WAN
208. Newspaper and Books are example of
i) Half duplex ii) Simplex iii) Full duplex iv) None
209. Microwave and Infrared are related with
i) Unbounded media ii) Bounded media iiii) Confounded iv) Hot bounded
210. A hardware or software which connects two dissimilar networks.
i) Gateway ii) Router iii) Repeater iv) Bridge
211. Which one of the following is used to communicate between different networks
i) ADSL ii) HDSL iii) Gateway iv) Modem
212. A digital signature is
i) a bit string giving identity of a correspondent ii) a unique identification of a sender
iii) an authentication of an electronic record by tying it uniquely to a key only a sender can posses
iv) an encrypted signature of sender
213. Which one of the following is NOT true for a computer virus?
i) computer virus can be contracted via internet ii) computer virus is a software
iii) another standalone computer in the vicinity of the virus affected computer may be contracted with virus
iv) pen drives can contract with virus
214. Which protocol is used for sending email on the internet?
i) SMTP ii) SMPP iii) SNMP iv) FTP
215. Which of the following TCP/IP protocol is used for remote terminal connection services?
i) TELNET ii) FTP iii) RARP iv) UDP
216. ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) is
i) a TCP/IP protocol used to dynamically bind a high level IP address to a low- level physical hardware address
ii) a TCP/IP high level protocol for transferring files from one machine to another
iii) a protocol used to monitor computers
iv) a protocol that handles error and control messages
217. Local area network can transmit
i) faster than telecommunications over public telephone lines
ii) slower than telecommunications over public telephone lines
iii) using twisted pair wiring on coaxial cables
iv) both i) and iii)
218. Which is not a search engine?
i) yahoo.com ii) google.com iii) bing.com iv) muncha.com
219. The bandwidth of analog device is measured in
i) Hetrz ii) cycles per second iii) bits per second iv) None of above
220. Backup is a way of
i) securing data and information ii) securing internal parts of the computer
iii) securing external parts of computer iv) None of the above
221. The government of Nepal has passed the cyber law on
i) 15th September 2003 ii) 15th September 2004
iii) 15th September 2005 iv) 15th September 2006

222. A program originally developed to allow users to view document on the www.
i) telnet ii) website iii) web browser iv) web page
223. _______ is used to scan your hard disk for errors caused by improper shutdowns, viruses, etc?
i) password policy ii) defragmentation iii) scan disk iv) backup system
225. Which one is used to connect the dissimilar networks?
i) Router ii) Bridge iii) Gateway iv) All of them
226. A rule of communication is called
i) Bridge ii) Protocol iii) Gateway iv) None of the above
227. Which is not a protocol?
i) IPX/SPX ii) TCP/IP iii) SERVER iv) HTTP
228. Example of unguided communication media?
i) Radio frequency ii) Microwave iii) Both of them iv) None of them
229. Which device protects hardware from power protection?
i) UPS ii) UTP iii) URL iv) USB
230. Which is web browser software?
i) Windows Vista ii) 3D-Max iii) Google Chrome iv) Bing
231. Which of these is not a email server?
i) POP ii) SMTP iii) Both iv) None
232. Which of this is not a threat to computer security?
i) Cyber crime ii) Natural disasters iii) Both iv) Computer
233. Which of the following is IT related organizations?
i) HLCIT ii) CAN iii) Ministry of Information and communication iv) All of these
234. Qbasic is
i) Interpreter ii) Compiler iii) Assembler iv) All of these
235. _________ are viruses that are triggered by the passage of time or on a certain date.
i) Boot sector virus ii) Macro virus iii) Time bombs iv) Worms
236. Which of the following is the common networking cable with minimum error rate?
i) Telephone wire ii) Thick net iii) Thin net iv) UTP cable
237. A person who is responsible to manage users in network:
i) user supervisor ii) user head iii) network administrator iv) network engineer
238. _______is not a network hardware component.
i) NIC ii) Hub iii) Router iv) Pen drive
239. Sending data to a satellite is
i) downlink ii) modulate iii) demodulate iv) uplink
240. Choose the odd one.
i) Hub ii) Switch iii) MODEM iv) Router
241. The bandwidth of digital device is measured in
i) Hertz ii) cycles per second iii) bits per second iv) None of above
242. Which one is the example of software used in multimedia?
i) CD-ROM ii) Sound card iii) Sound Forge iv) All of them
243. Which is a web browser?
i) Windows Explorer ii) Windows Media Player iii) Microsoft Windows
iv) Netscape Navigator

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